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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why scoop the poop?
A: In short form pet waste should be scooped for the general health of your dogs and your family. The doo can be contagious to those that may come in contact with it. Dog feces can carry many types of parasites, viruses, bacteria and diseases that can be harmful to humans as well as your pets.

Q: Is this a new type of business?

A: Actually the poop scooping business started in the 1970’s. Today there are hundreds of companies all across the USA.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Not at all! We do not require a contract for residential services. We believe a person's word should still mean something. However, if you prefer a contract we will be happy to provide one for you. Commercial clients differ as usually this is a requirement by their company.

Q: Do I have to be home on the day you come?
A: No. As long as we have access to your dog area, such as an unlocked gate and the dog is inside, we do not need anyone to be home.

Q: Should my dog be inside on the day you come?
A: As long as you are home and your dog is not aggressive, we do not mind them being out. After all, it is their yard!

Q: My lawn is over a ˝ acre how do I know how much it will cost?
A: We would come out to meet with you to discuss the area you wanted cleaned. Then we would determine an agreeable price for service based upon the square footage of your property to be cleaned and the number of dogs you have.

Q: Do you charge more for the first visit?
A: On the first visit there would be additional charges, especially if lawn had not been cleaned prior and contained excessive amounts of waste.

Q: What do you do with the poo that you scoop?
A: The pet waste is usually double bagged then placed in your outside garbage can or left in a designated area for proper disposal. We can take the waste away for you for a small additional fee, if desired.
Q: When do I pay for services?
A: Payments must be set up and paid prior to starting service. For your convenience we accept most major credit cards, by phone or through PayPal, and we always accept checks and cash.We can also mail or email your invoices to you depending on your preference.

Q: How often will you service my lawn?
A: We recommend that service be provided once per week providing you have only one dog, twice per week may be necessary to maintain a clean yard with more then one dog.
Q: How do you service my lawn when it rains or snows?
A: Typically some heavy rains or snow accumulation can prevent us from servicing your lawn on a bad weather day. However, on a lite sprinkle or scattered rain shower day we would normally be able to get out and service your lawn. In the event of heavy rains and or lightning we would have to reschedule for later that week. Snow will also pose some problems if it accumulates more then an inch on the turf areas, we would generally have to wait a few days until the snow melts and or it freezes with no additional snow, then we would come out to service your lawn.
Q: Do you provide year round service?
A: Yes, our service is year round, with the following exceptions. Our regular weekly services our Monday through Friday year round. We will work Saturdays for make up days do to bad weather and or special request of customers for a special weekend event. We do not provide service on Sundays as we want our customers and our employees to have that day to spend with family and friends.
Q: What do you do if my service day falls on a Holiday?
A: Normally we will reschedule your service if it falls on a holiday. We observe the following days for non work days for our customers and our employees to be with family and friends.

We will not work on: Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day, or New Years Day.

Cat Litter Box Service

Do you need to enter my home or do I have to be home on my service day?
No. We do not need access to your home and you do not have to be home on your day of service as your litter boxes would be placed outside for us to access them. The only reason we would need to enter your home is if you are physically unable to leave them out for us or you are a senior and you would be home on your service day to allow us entry to your home. We prefer not to enter your home and never will unless you are there.

How many cat litter boxes will I need?
You would need at least one extra but preferrably twice as many as you normally use. Example if you currently use 2 litter boxes then you would need to have 4, that way your cats have boxes to use while the other boxes are being serviced. We can provide you with standard covered boxes for a minimal charge.

Will my cat litter boxes get mixed up with another customers?
No. Your litter boxes are always cleaned and serviced at your property and never removed so you will not ever have to worry about a mix up with somebody else’s.

Can I buy additional litter boxes from you?
Yes. We would be happy to provide you with additional litter boxes with a cover for a small fee per each additional box you may need. We do not reuse litter boxes so if you buy one from us you will be getting a brand new one.

What types of litter do you use?
You have a choice depending on your type of service you choose. With the Standard Program service you would supply the litter of your choice. Under the Superior Program service you would have your choice of a standard clay litter or a premium litter that is natural and environmentally friendly.

How often do you come to clean my litter boxes?
Iit would depend on the number of cats you have, the number of litter boxes, and the frequency in which you would like to have them serviced but we would be happy to provide a schedule to meet your needs. Most of the time once per week is generally preferred. We do offer twice a week and service every other week as well. Additional service schedules may be able to be accommodated as well just let us know your needs.

What do you use to clean and sanitize the litter boxes?
We normally would clean with a detergent like dawn and then use a veterinarian recommended 1:20 ratio bleach/water mix to disinfect and sanitize the boxes which is safe for your cats and your family.

How much does the litter box service cost?
The price for litter box services would depend on the number of litter boxes to be cleaned, frequency, the program you select, the type litter used and whether we provide additional boxes or you supply your own. Please see our Services page.

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