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"You guys do great work for me and it was nice you offered your pet waste removal service for me as I already had your lawn service, and really needed that extra help. Thanks for taking on this task, I really appreciate all that you do to help me out with my yard work."

Tracy W.
Cincinnati, Ohio

" My lawn has really been looking great since you all have been maintaining it for me, this is the first time I have ever had a service that I have not had to call to come back and fix something for me in like 20 years, I really appreciate your professional attitude and the results you have given me." Please call I have some referrals for you.

Thanks Again,
Bill H.
Anderson, Ohio

" Wow I can not believe your response time, I have called service companies before and your lucky if they even call you back, not only did you call within a few hours of my call to your office you sent an email and was prompt and on time for our first meeting, the very next day. I am really looking forward to a long term working relationship with your company.

Best Regards,
Jim R.
Cincinnati, Ohio

"I really enjoy your staff and the professional courtesy and appearance you all have. I am really happy with the lawn and the pet doo removal, no more having to pick it up myself and or have one of the kids track the crap in my house. Great work all!

Garry S.
Bethel, Ohio

" When you all started offering pet waste removal, I was not sure what to think about it. I don't think I had heard of it before, what a unique idea. I thought why not, who wants to pick up dog crap anyway. A service I really appreciate having done for us for such a small fee."

Thank You,
Miles W.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dumpin' Dogz
Cincinnati, Ohio: 513-734-2641